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11 Nov 06

Some notes on how I handle the lethality of campaigning.
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GM Notes

This page is a place to put  notes and comments sent to me by Allan and Robert during development. The intent here is to give an interested GM some deeper insight into why some decisions were made.


One of the elements of this campaign is and always will be combat. The goal is for the PCs to act like knights and seek glory and honor on the battlefield. This means that they will, from time to time, have to fight their way out of some situations where they are outnumbered. In times like this the PC has only three choices: Get smart, get lucky, or get dead.

In each of the scenarios, the GM (and hopefully the PC) is given a host of possible allies that can be used to even the odds in a combat situation. PCs that are chasing Gladyk's band of outlaws and are getting their butts whooped should consider getting help from the warders of the Hundred. That's what they are there for. Sure it is heroic to charge into a small, poorly lit cave after a bunch of bandits but it is also a good way to get killed. Let the warder go in first.

If being smart does come naturally to the PC, the GM could offer fate bonuses. These are a hold over from another game system that I played in the distant past but the idea behind them is that a PC can build up an account of karma. When the dice gods of roleplaying turn against the PC, this karmic credit is used to let the PC escape miraculously. Cheesy - sure. Deus Ex Machina - without a doubt. Saves a PC and probably keeps a player in the game - usually.

Finally, if the PC persists in over the top carelessness, they perish and become one of the campaign's lamented dead. Again, the beauty of the local campaign is that there are plenty of NPCs standing by for the GM to turn into player characters. When Sir Iosef Bloggs dies, the GM can easily do one of two things:

1. Have Iosef's cousin, Barry, ride into town looking for Iosef. Upon learning of his cousin's heroic demise, Barry decides to honor his family by continuing the quest.

2. After the last tear has been shed at Iosef's funeral, the PCs' liege calls them to his hall. He introduces them to Squire Bubba. Bubba is from a good family and the liege thinks the PCs would give the boy some good training. Iosef's player picks up Bubba and the game continues.

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