Knights of Kaldor: Adventures & Background

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21 Feb 09

The Helm of Saint Bö is an adventure that can be used to draw the PCs to Elmeze. A maiden's betrothed has gone missing and the PCs find that the relic of Saint Börne is responsible.
21 Jan 07

I've added some notes about the execution of the first act of the Knights of Kaldor campaign here

I've also started the second part of the campaign with an adventure that does not have chases and bandits. The PCs find themselves in Hyzevel solving an ancient riddle.
04 Dec 06

The Tournament of Saint Orthas' Day is celebrated at Jenkald. This short chivalric adventure requires the Jenkald manor article and the Tournament rules (available from CGI) to play.
07 Sep 06

The Bandits of Chyle represents the first act of the Knights of Kaldor campaign. Its three interconnected adventures lead the PCs to discovering the first of the relics of the Knights of Kaldor.
01 Sep 06

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19 Aug 06

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Spring 05

Uploaded the Fethael Hundred Gazetteer and several manors to
08 Mar 04

Fethael Hundred and the Knights of Kaldor started as a fan project on


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The Knights of Kaldor is envisaged as a "career campaign" that will span the lives of a small group of hedge knights and minor nobility. I had in mind the epic scope of Pendragon's "Boy King" and Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing's "Power Behind the Throne" when I started stitching the various pieces and plots together but I wanted a smaller area, particularly because I'm writing this in my spare time. Focusing on the kingdom of Kaldor, I want to create a storyline that will take a small group of characters from the day of their initiation to knighthood through battle and intrigue to the point in their lives when they achieve their dreams: land, glory, a place of power of their own.

The plot of this campaign is designed to initiate players to the complex and deep Hârn setting. The campaign starts with an emphasis on combat and tangible obstacles that the characters can confront, defeat, and reap the reward. As the second act progresses and the characters gain experience, the balance shifts towards more political problems. In these situations, the characters will find their opponents less willing to come to open battle and the rewards less obvious. By the third act, the characters are surrounded by political intrigue. While they may wish for some straight ahead sword swinging, but the halls of power are full of people that don't like blood dirtying their floors, so the characters will have to play the deadly game of power politics.

The campaign's central theme is the group's persecution and later pursuit of a secret group of Agrikans. This evil sect has discovered an ancient cairn and plans to use it to open a gate to Balgashang. The incantation they need to use requires certain relics of power, items that have lain hidden in eastern Kaldor's rugged country for centuries. These "devil riders" have been combing the Sorkin Mountains looking for the relics and it is up to our characters to stop them, even though they don't know what's going on at first.

Most of the action in the campaign takes place in Fethael Hundred. This region of Kaldor is largely untouched by other writers, so I have created a gazetteer to introduce other GMs to the area. The play-testing group started with the Letters of Arlin and pursued the Bandits of Chyle to their lair. Things got a little rough at the Bandits' cave, but the group made it through to the climactic scene with Saint Freden's ghost. 

Because the group did not kill all of the Bandits, the idea of keeping Galdyk, Crial, and Garis around as recurring NPCs stepped forward.  I wrote down some thoughts about their characters and what might happen to them after the events at Vorsten.


Love at the Getha Fair
In this unusual adventure, our hero will meet a noble lady a fair in Getha. Only by passing her tests and trying to fulfill her ideal of knighthood will the hero win her love. It can accommodate non-nobles as well, and even a number of heroes. (zipped pdf 670 KB)

Knights of Kaldor: Campaign Outline
This article presents the background and overview of the Knights of Kaldor campaign. Future documents will detail the individual acts and adventures that comprise the campaign. (zipped pdf 370 KB)
KoK0: Relics and Saints
This expansion of the KoK introduction provides more information on the nature of the Knights of Kaldor and their relics. (zipped pdf 162 KB)
KoK0: The Letters of Arlin
This adventure leads the PCs to a ruined manor and the seed of the campaign. (zipped pdf 225 KB)
KoK1: The Bandits of Chyle 
This is the First Act of the Knights of Kaldor campaign, wherein the adventurers chase bandits (one of whom is Lady Lysella's lover) through the Chyle Forest. This adventure ties threads from Getha and Hundholt to their conclusion. It uses the manors of Drilen, Emerule, and Ominstru as backdrops. (zipped pdf 1.3 MB)

Here is a report on what happened at the climax of the campaign. After the Bandits were defeated, the Baron embarked on his annual journey to Tashal and Olokand.
KoK2: The Sword of Ebryn 
The Second Act or part of the Knights of Kaldor begins in Hyzevel. The players find themselves solving an ancient riddle, defeating a strange guardian, and recovering the lost heirloom of the Kobarney clan. (zipped pdf 730 KB)
Kok2:  The Helm of Börne 
A maiden begs for assistance from the Baron of Getha. He sends his foresters to find out what happened to her betrothed in the forest north of Elmeze. They find another relic, this time the helm of a mad saint. (zipped pdf 480 KB)
Tournament of Saint Orthas' Day 
This tournament is celebrated at the magnificent chapel of Jenkald Chapter House by the Order of the Lady of Paladins. This adventure uses the Jenkald manor article. (zipped pdf 200 KB)
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