Knights of Kaldor: Adventures & Background

Created by Joe Adams

21 Jan 07

I've added some notes about the execution of the first act of the Knights of Kaldor campaign here

I've also started the second part of the campaign with an adventure that does not have chases and bandits. The PCs find themselves in Hyzevel solving an ancient riddle.


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The Baron's Progress

Some time during the campaign, summer comes and the Indamas' political obligations require that they travel through Tashal to attend the royal court at Olokand.

The Baronial Route

The Indamas gather in Getha for the trip. The trip to Tashal is short and usual uneventful.

The Baronial Train

The Baron isnít going to empty the Hundred to accompany him, but heís got to travel in a manner befitting his station. I did a quick scan through the articles to come up with the Baronís entourage. I suggest the following:


Baron Sir Chimin Indama
Squire Dreen Pawade
Squire Poribir Brynath
Wynan, Sir Chiminís manservant

The other squires are left in the Hundred to assist Sir Shorisir at the keep (Maemen) or to help Sir Haradoc (Rinis).

Lady Myrtis Indama
ForilŽa, Lady Myrtisí maid
Lady Grunila Larchean (Lady in Waiting)
Lady Pelycia Lournay (Lady in Waiting)

Lady Lysella Indama
Lady Erlyn Immen, Lady Lysellaís keeper

Ildon Asane, the Baronís Herald
The Baronís chaplain, Sotris Rhythal
Liris the Harper, minstrel

Vorkel Darion (molarin) [Getha 0-4c]
Guardsman, Mond Urdel
guardsman Tyban Urdel
guardsman Selis Berma
guardsman Torkil Uredel

Groom/teamster Aratha Loyril
Groom/teamster Tyban Panda
Groom/teamster Selis Churil
Cook, Latina Arsarl
Scullery maid/cookís helper, Liranal Faleran
Scullery maid/cookís helper, Ranas Dyren

Sir Taryn Indama
Sir Tarynís squire, Mydris Blaundar,
Sir Tarynís varlet, Brenas Oralis


Sir Sedris Indama
Sir Sedrisí squire, Korisir Immen
Sir Sedrisí varlet, Uris Loyril


Sir Marby Lournay (Sir Marby doesnít have a squire since heís not wealthy enough to maintain one. Instead he travels with Lady Lysellaís page and his huntsman as companions)
Sir Marbyís squire (?),Wilan Baral (who is only 12, so heís not a real squire)
Sir Marbyís huntsman, Kordin Artusiel, is an ex-mercenary who can be relied on for many things.


Sir Eadwinís son, Sir Worgan Lournay, (Lady Pelyciaís father) Ė he doesnít have a squire of his own but will use his son Habar to run errand, since the boyís 12 and getting ready to become a page in Getha.
His wife, Lady Lirain Lournay,
Sir Worganís daughter, Gesel Lournay, is 14. She worships her sister Pelycia and would dearly love to become one of the Baronessí ladies. She hopes to impress Lady Myrtis with her good manners and grace on this trip.
Sir Worganís son, Habar Lournay, is a mommaís boy but his father has decreed that he will go to Getha to become a page when they return from the RCT.
A cook, Shera Haral
A groom, Sermis Nelt


In the end, there are 24 from Getha, 3 from Sezaze, 3 from Blixth, 3 from Emerule and 6 from Drilen (to represent the Lournays), for a total of 39. The Baron would only be paying for his 24, of course, but theyíd all travel together.

Side plots during the trip:

  • Sir Marby is infatuated with Lady Erlyn. If the two of them sneak off to be together, who is watching Lysella?

Those that stayed behind:

  • Sir Taerq might tag along but he wonít have servants (a tacit admission of how poor his family is) or he might stay in the Hundred.
  • Sir Haradoc will probably stay in the Hundred and attend to his duties
  • Other folks from the Hundred will attend the RCT but will travel separately. The Dolastars, for example will be there, as will Sir Shorka Kobarney. Both accompany Sir Tommas Kobarney.
  • The Laranians have other obligations, so Iím not sure that they would send a delegation or not. Sir Luisan might send a token pair of knights, but the others are involved in duties and the Solyana council that takes place at the same time.

If you use the 4 days of travel to get to Tashal, itís another two days from Tashal to Olokand (donít forget the stop in Heru). In all, Iíd have Baron Indama leave at the end of Nolus, spend a few days in Tashal. Get to Olokand for the tournament and the big Laranian celebration of Saint Ambrathas (sp?) and then work his way back home through Gardiren (or maybe back through Heru and then north through Bidow and Gardiren.) I think the length of the trip depends on how many side encounters you want to deal with.

Another option is to get the Baron to Olokand, see the sights, get back to Heru, and then take a boat back to Uldien. I havenít counted the hexes but I bet that wouldnít take more than a day or two by talbar. Maybe something big and exciting happened in Getha and the Baron has to rush back?

In Tashal:

  • The Rynsel circus has their wagon painted with the family's device. The performers (the Rynsel brothers) don't realize it but they are related to Saint Freden. An observant PC will notice that the circus' symbols was the same that they saw at Vorsten.
  • There is a playwright, Silas of Darin [Tashal #J6], who ran away from his family in Getha to join the artistic crowd in Tashal. His father, Bainin Darion [Getha #26](the boy changed his name to hide from the family) has offered a shilling for news about his wayward son. Oldial recognizes the young man as the PCs enter the city. If the PCs are able to make his acquaintance and diffuse his concerns that they are there to return him to Getha, he could be a good guide through the city. No matter what happens, Oldial might tell the father and collect the shilling.

    Silas is enjoying a prolonged period of popularity (and prosperity) in the Tashal theater scene. He has no interest in reminding himself about the life he left behind in Fethael Hundred.
  • If the PCs have been to Elmeze, they might run into Sir Starin Dolastar, the heir of Elmeze.
    • If the initial impressions are very favorable  (CS), Sir Starin asks the PCs to stay with him. They learn that Starin is romantically involved with a courtesan from the House in the Medrik section (this is a secret and is not common knowledge in Fethael Hundred).
    • If the initial impressions are good (MS), Sir Starin recommends a place to stay (if the PCs aren't staying with the Baron) and goes out to dinner with the PCs. They will not learn of Starin's girlfriend but he might introduce them to people in Tashal.
    • If the initial impressions are less favorable (MF), Sir Starin is polite but extends no invitations or make no introductions.
    • If the initial impressions are bad (CF), Sir Starin spurns them and makes jokes at their expense.

Side plots (Getting Lysella married):

Looking through my notes, Iíve tagged a couple of folks as potential suitors for Lysella. The Indamaís major focus in this trip is finding Lysella a husband.

1. The big catch would be Sir Urian Caldeth. The Baroness would love to get his name on a marriage contract. Politically, it would join Curo and Indama to the Caldeths, forming a very powerful bloc in the east.

2. After that, there are 4 secondary candidates, in order of the Baronessí suitability:

  • Sir Lotar Tesla is the Baron of Esenorís nephew and heir. While the Baroness does not want to become embroiled in Baron Teslaís family problems, his wealth and political connections with the kingís Privy Seal and the upper levels of the Laranian church make him worth courting.
  • Sir Helifar Valador, Earl Caldethís nephew, is in the running as a poor second to the Caldeth boy but still offers a link to the Caldeths that the Baroness wants.
  • Sir Prodral Verdreth, a son of the Baron of Ternua, would be acceptable politically but would tax the patience of the Indama clan, who view the Baron of Ternua as something slimy.
  • Sir Dalrolf Caran, a vassal of the Earl Caldeth. The family holds Lezter manor and is wealthy but is not as politically connected as the other candidates.

If none of these matches works out, Lady Myrtis has decided to approach her brother to find one of his vassals to marry Lysella. Rich, older widowers are not out of the question.



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