J. Patrick McDonald's House rules for
Traveling when you're not supposed to!*

Here's the house rules I use for 2nd Edition:


Assess an Extra Fatigue Level for 10 minutes of strenuous activity. (Assess only one extra level /watch of marching) For HM1, I'd do FR fatigue per minute... And make a E1 or E2 roll when fatigue is assessed.


Freezing weather results in d6 frost impact per watch. +1 impact for wind force if it applies, and +1 to impact for each consecutive watch in cold conditions... Clothing/armour provides normal protection, but all areas are affected by the impact.

If food and water become a problem: Food measured in man-days, water measured in pints:
1 missed pint of water is equal to one point of dehydration injury.
1 missed man-day of food is equal to one point of starvation injury.

In freezing weather, additional water and food are needed (about 80% more for a normal march, 125% more for a force march.)

Illness, (Flu, Pneumonia, etc.) are more likely due the weakened condition of the body more so than the weather. Use the standard rules for Contagion, but apply fatigue/starvation/dehydration penalties as appropriate to resistance rolls.

You might also allow PC's to use Survival skill to avoid some or all of the effects.

Yet another option would be to rely on the illness result of the injury table.

*=The title was my idea, not Patrick's. smile.gif - 249 Bytes

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