This is MY concept of Dragons for Hârn

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My basic thought on "Dragons in Hârn" is that they come in various sizes, and maybe colors too. But I don't really want to take anything from the AD&D type dragons, other than maybe size and appearance. That has always impressed me with how a "dragon" should look.

I would think the smaller, or "Mere" Dragon would be the more common form, with the larger dragons being very rare. My basic thought is, they should be rare enough that for MOST of the people living on Hârn, there should be some doubt as to whether or not they really exist.

Finding one should be, if not the ultimate quest, nearly so for the up and coming Knight of Hârn. It should also be next to impossible (but not completely so) to find one.

Dragons should most likely be intelligent creatures, not "dumb animals". I have a particular fondness for the dragon in DragonHeart, the movie. I also think that dragons should have various morales just as humans and demi-humans do. Their morality should vary from 3-18, just as any other N/PC would. I would think though, that in general, a full grown dragon would be very intelligent, perhaps more so that your average human. And of course, they should be very strong.

But you have to make them so that they are not invulnerable. Otherwise, NO ONE will want to find one.

More to come later.

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