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Manors of Hârn, by Kingdom            Hârn Applications
HMC vs D20 Combat - A comparison      Dalkésh Regional Module (Provisional)
HârnMaster Manor Sheet                JPM's House rules for Illness
Horses, a Word document, zipped.      Knights of Kaldor Campaign
Hârnic Calender file for GMNB         Hârnic Names for EBoN(150k)
HM1 Character Generator XL 97         HM1 Hârn Weather Generator XL97
Bill Gant's House Rules Version 3.2   HM N/PC Generator 2.1(Excel 5.0/7.0)
HM N/PC Generator "Excel '97"         Hrafn's Character sheet (A4 size)
Hrafn's Character Sheet (8.5"x11")    Character sheet, Al's version (PDF)
Hârn Armour Calculator                BLAZON, Heraldry Shareware (Win 3.x/95)
"Field of Honor" mass combat rules.   Hrafn's NPC Sheets

"Manors of Harn" - by Andy Gibson lists all the manors on Hârn on an Excel Spreadsheet.
"Hârn Applications" are two interesting little programs by Peter Leitch.
"JPM's House rules for Illness" were created by J. Patrick McDonald.
The HârnMaster Manor sheet was created by Jocke Andersson.
The Calender config file for GMNB was created by Ralph Reinert. Just click on the link,
then click on "File", and then "Save as..." and save it as Calender.cfg.
The HM1 Character Generator and Weather Generator are Excel 97 spreadsheets designed by Aldo Santolla.
The HMC N/PC generator is an Excel spreadsheet, in two different versions, created by Larry Barry.
The Field of Honor rules are an Excel spreadsheet, and Word document zipped, created by Christopher Kobar.
Hrafn's NPC sheets are in Word for Windows 6 format, using European A5 paper size.

For general information, the armour calculator, is an Excel spreadsheet.
Bill Gant's House rules are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
My (Al's) Character sheet was done in MS Publisher version 2, then converted to Adobe PDF format.
The Heraldry shareware program IS a seperate Windows program.
Hrafn's character sheets are in WFW6.0, and they're zipped.
The article (zipped) on Horses was written by Brian Dorion in Word 97 format.

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