Blazon now comes in two versions, a 16 bit version that will run on Windows 3.1X for those of you out there who still don't trust Windows 95/98/NT, and a 32 bit version for Windows 95+. You can download both versions from here, by clicking on the links below, or you can go straight to the horse's mouth. The Blazon Home page, provided by Pete Barrett, the guy who created the program. In either event, I hope you find the program helpful. And if you do, please consider registering it. I don't get anything for this plug, but I feel that if we use this program, we should at least make it legal.

Blazon for Windows 95 (358k download)
16 bit version for Windows 3.1x (208k download)

There is now another program I found called "Blazons!". It is not the same as Pete Barrett's program, in fact, they way it works is you type in the description and it creates the coat of arms. However, the "Blazons!"  site has apparently gone down.  In place of the link, if you click on the banner below, it will start a download for the file from here.  As the file is 5.5 megabytes, unless you have a broadband connection, it will take you a little time to complete.

blazons!.gif - 4702 Bytes

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