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And then there is the place where I used to GM and play this "silly" game, GAMES PLUS in Mount Prospect, IL. Now that I've relocated to Leslie Michigan, I'm hunting for a local game store. However, even though I'm now over 200 miles away, I still intend to make most, if not all of my gaming purchases from Games Plus. After all, they do a bang up mail order business.

And of course this wouldn't be complete without the ....

Inns of Hârn

Tuleme Island, one possibility

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HârnList is a mailing list for those interested in things Hârnic. If you would like to subscribe, click on the icon above that says "". This will take you to where you can subscribe to the ORIGINAL Hârn List.

Click on this icon to visit the site of the Late N. Robin Crossby, author of Hârn World and HârnMaster.  His company still soldiers on, without him.  This is where you can find HârnMaster Gold.  My favorite version.


This Columbia Games Inc. will take you to Columbia Games' Web page. They are the OTHER company who produce and distribute HârnMaster 3, and other Hârn related products.

Below, you will find links to files and the N/PC database. Some of the files listed below can be found on other web sites, some cannot. I decided to carry these because they are of interest to me. If you have something you would like to share, send it to me, I'll post it. I just have a few "minor" guidelines I'd like you to follow before sending me anything.

Downloads, Articles and the NP/C Database

By Popular Demand...

Dragons of Hârn, A GM's Concept.

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